SAP Expertise, Master Data Management, Migration to S/4 HANA

Consulting Services Offered by CEDM: Master Data Management, data Migration,Data Quality,IAM, TOM, GDPR, Open standards, newly emerging technologies, IoT, AI, ML, DL, Robotics Automation, Drones, Cloud integration, security trends

  • It’s always a safe bet that cybersecurity is going to get weirder. There’s a lot of angst about deep fakes and phishing, but the biggest struggle will be with attacks against AI. Nevertheless, the ground truth with computer crime is that “criminal” isn’t a job you get by being smart. The biggest problem will continue to be the annoying, primitive, and lucrative attacks that companies haven’t responded to for the past decade.
  • Amazon, Apple, and Google are working on open standards for smart homes. If smart homes are going to go anywhere, open standards and interoperability are essential. I’m not big on the whole “smart home” concept, and it will be hard for this market to escape suspicion about constant corporate surveillance

SAP Basis ECC6.0, Solution Manager 7.1/7.2 S4HANA Architecture, Migration and Security Issues BW on HANA Enterprise Portal Solution QM, BW BO on HANA, CRM BI IP TPM BPC, BO Business Solution Architect, Testing/QM, Business Analyze, Projektmanagement BW BI Authorizations etc. As a specialist for SAP Product Strategy and Financial Systems Architecture, trained for in-memory data management for big data, adapting new mobility solutions, systems integration enabling for new products and services derivation, with a keen analytical perspective, experienced with BW on HANA, knowledge of available competitive Core banking Software, Dr.Erdas can analyze Core Banking Business Processes, identify scope and requirements definition, matching new Core Banking Software leading to new products and services, knowledge on how to meet new reporting needs based on new rules of regulatory, propose new products and interfaces, product differentiators and drivers to create new business cases, demonstrate banking and financial services clients, deriving and adding new value in banking and financial services business value chain, create new business demand with investment protection at minimum total cost of ownership.

Business Areas:
Data protection, ILM Implementation, Privacy and deletion of personal data using ILM Objects
Cross-Industry| Banking Oil& Gas | Utilities | IT Strategy | Telco | Logistic | Food Industry Consumer Behavior QM| Customer Experience |QM and QoE CEM TPM CEA
Bin Data Statistical Analysis R Hadoop Hofs mal reduziert Java Json

ILM Consulting Services SAP ECC6.0, HCM, SCM, ERP, S/4 HANA Solution Architect, Project Management, SME, Solution QM, Lead Developer, Manager ,BW on HANA S4HANA Solution Architect, Data Architect, Project manager, Principal Consultant, Solution Architect, QM, SW Tester, Data Modeler, Big Data Analytics Platform Development HANA CRM TPM Hadoop Integration, User Profiles BW BI Authorizations for TPM Bonus Scenario Development

• SAP ILM Implementation, Solution manager 7.x, SAP4.7 NW ECC6.0 XI PI ERP BW7.4 /.7.5 S4HANA MDM BI IP TPM BPC10.0 BO BI4.0 CRM HANA System Integration Solution QM SW Development and Test Tools Aquadata Studio, Squirrel, MATLAB, Visio, Power Designer 16.5 SybaseIQ
• Big Data Tools MapR Hadoop
• Data management, Security, Migration Processes
• Business Process Optimization
• Data Quality GRC IAM
• HPC, SIMATIC, SCADA, Huawei E9000 Server, Test Automation.

Project Work Experience

Migration Security Issues from ECC to S4HANA Cloud, GDPR for SAP S4HANA
Agile Scrum Mobile Soln’s Development Coaching:
SAP ILM Implementation, tables, Domains Fields data Elements using ILM Objects and Archiving Objects
• How to manage SW Agile, ITIL design build test run Development process
• IT Strategy, Metadata MDM Strategy, Business Transformation
• BW BI Authorizations
• P2P, S4 HANA Migration, AP/AR, G/L, FI-CO, R2R, OTP, STP.. Hadoop HANA Integration, upgrade to S4HANA,
• Solution QM for SAP NW ERP 4.7 and ECC6.0 BW7.3 SAP HANA
• SAP BW BI IP TPM BPC BW7.3 on HANA SansouciDB, CRM In Memory Data Management HANA Data Model Design R Big Data Coach SAP UK Ltd.
• Business Process Analyze Business Blueprint, Development Test
• Data Migration & Upgrade
• Project Manager, Lead Developer , SME
• Data Quality Data Management TPM BI IP BPC CRM IS U BO
• Systems Integration, ETL, Back-End Front End SAP BW Developer
• Big Data Analytics IBM R Statistical Analysis
• SAP Senior Business Solution Architect Project Manager Lead Dev. O-Server DB Administration
• System Upgrade and Support
• Complete Systems & Migration from Reports
• ILM Project management, set up, Analysis, Deliverables based on GDPR
• SOC Security Operations Compliance, Cybersecurity.

Business Areas &Applications:
• Investment Banking, Oil Gas Utilities Telecomms, Food Industry
• SCM MM SD FI CO ERP ECC6.0 NetWeaver7.40
• FSA Core Banking Systems
• Data protection law GDPR requirements definition and implementation of SAP S4HANA Security Migration SAP ILM for HCM ERP BW
• Data center operations planning migration test of DB OS Web-Server Apps Mgt.QATest
• IT FI CO HR tPL Migration Planing Operations Build Test Run Delivery to QA Board
• Smart metering, IS U BW BI HANA tPL migration test QA delivery
• P2P, S4 HANA Migration, A/P, G/L, FI-CO, R2R, OTP, STP.. Hadoop HANA Integration, upgrade to S4HANA,
• SAP ORACLE Enterprise Software DB Server Apps Infrastructure
• SAP IS U BW BI HANA Data Migration
• Oil&Gas Upstream and Downstream Process Analysis Data Management
• BPC BPO Business Process Re-Engineering
• Database Design and Data Modeling using PD SQL Scripts



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