New Business Enablers of Intelligent Enterprise

Enablers of an Intelligent Enterprise are to build the consumer loyalty by eyperience, achieved by real time business process workstreams, high master data quality, real time data driven decision making processes, Business embedded IT, SoD and Security strategy, intelligent data management, access, storage, data, apps, server and network security..   A new Supply Chain transformation is taking place. CEOs are focusing on changing and upgrading the structure of their data management ecosystem., The visibility, focus, and agility are to drive better business outcomes such as delivering exceptional customer experiences, empowering employees more effectively, doing more with less resources, and driving new revenue streams and business models are just some of use cases made possible business cases by being an Intelligent Enterprise.  The deep incorporation of intelligent technologies like AI, Artificial intelligence, IoT Internet of Things,,ML Machine Learning , DL deep learning, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Analytics, Big data Hadoop Distributed Processing and Business Intelligence Tools., Robo Advisors,Predictive analytics, digital assistants, FINTECHs and conversational interfaces into applications and end to end data and businessprocesses,

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